Monday, March 31, 2014

Last day with Joe and Steph

Saturday was the last day with Joe and Steph at our house.  :o(  We had so much fun when they were here--such special times!
We took them to the Max station in Hillsboro;
they were planning to spend the day and night
in Portland before flying back to CO on Sunday.

Gemma wanted to go to.  We didn't try to stop her.
Gemma changed her mind and wanted to go to the St. Patrick's
Day parade with her cousins instead.  :o)  It was a beautiful day
for a parade!  (sometimes it's cold and rainy, yuck)
scrambling for candy
Joe and Steph blogged about the GREAT time they had in Portland.  Biking around town, visiting brewpubs, eating a great lunch and dinner and then brunch the next morning...Portland has SO much to offer an adventurous young couple like themselves (maybe they should move here, hmmm??).


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