Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gemma's 4th birthday

Well, it's been a long 3 years (Gemma's 1st year wasn't so bad).  I can't believe my little Gem-star is four!!   (Her birthday was January 18th.)

The birthday treat for a "just us" party is
usually very simple...I make a nicer dessert for
the big all-family party.
There were no complaints about the simple treat!!  :o)
This girl LOVES Calico Critters!!
(and marsupials, so weird)

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  1. Gosh! Calico Critters are THE BEST! I wish I was that little again just so I could collect and play with them. When I turned four, I received my first bike. It was a shiny red and white Schwin bike. One of my most memorable birthdays :) May God bless her abundantly in this next year of life!