Thursday, March 6, 2014

fun times, January edition

For a Christmas present we gave Papa a trip to a Blazers
game with James and Marcus.

For a field trip we went to the World Forestry Center after
Mass one Sunday (perfect winter field trip since it is all indoors).
--working the tree harvester--
learning about wooden instruments
the raft is a favorite (not sure what it has to do with trees, though)
Marcus loved it too.  This is one of many pictures I have
of him alone in the raft.  ;o)
The kids had to join back in.
learning about trees from around the world
With Gemma at the wheel, that African woman better
run for her life!!
Another fun thing: James joined Lukie's Lego Robotics team
at the local public school.


  1. that raft looks awesome, was it moving? Seddy does not look thrilled

  2. It was moving when I was in there! (Marcus)

  3. What a great field trip and present for Papa. The raft pictures are hysterical!