Monday, March 31, 2014

Daddy/Daughter Dance night

Friday night when Joe and Steph were here was also the night of St. Matthew School's annual daddy/daughter dance!  (It was rescheduled from February due to snowy weather).  The Bunny and I had gone dress shopping in January and picked out THE perfect dress for her, and found one for Mariposa as well.  :o)  The girls were so excited to have this special time with their dad: 
How lucky were we???  Stephanie is FANTASTIC
at doing hair, especially braids!!!!!
Steph working her magic. 

Marcus bought corsages for the ladies.
After the dance--Bunny always gets "I -heart-
daddy" painted on her face.
This fits Mariposa to a T.
They had a great time with the St. Matthew group but especially with their cousins and uncles, who also went to the dance.  Dancing maniacs!  (and the girls were good dancers too)  ;o)  Next year Gemma gets to go too, so that will make the evening all the more special.

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