Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. Matthew auction

Two weekends ago was the St. Matthew School auction, always a fun time!  Friday night was family night in the school basement and gym, so I packed up the kids for an evening in town.  Mrs. N and her daughter (my friend) Lisa watched the two youngest kiddos at Lisa's house so I could enjoy the chaos of the Friday night event without ADDING to the chaos.... ;o)  I was so grateful!  Marcus was out of town, just coming back from a trip to Notre Dame, so I needed all the help I could get.

Bunny donated 2 dozen eggs to the silent auction.  Here
she is sorting through our supply, choosing the best ones.
We took this portrait to put on the egg cartons.
Burgerville for dinner, yum.
The theme of the auction weekend was "Homecoming" to celebrate the school's centennial.  We all wore our Notre Dame gear to show our own school spirit:
Bunny's eggs went for $40!!
Saturday night was the adult-only event at the Nike campus (very fancy).  No kids--Uncle Brian and Auntie Coley watched the kids for us so we were free for the whole evening!  I encouraged Marcus to wear his band sweater :o) and it turned out that his was the only non-rented "costume" there:
My handsome date ;o)
I made this pistachio cake with honey-buttercream frosting
for the dessert auction...I think it went for around $40.
Our official school picture ;o)
We "won" a couple of small items in the silent auction portion, and we were the high bidders on a beach house stay...looking forward to using that in the fall or spring as a little get-away.  The best part of the evening, though, was hanging out with friends (we had an AWESOME table)!!  We'll be marking our calendars for next year....


  1. where did Marcus get such a cool sweater?!?!?! I got a ND Band sweater my senior year but it's not a cardigan like that, and the logo isn't as big. I like Marcus's better

    1. I have the same one, it must just be for the old farts like Marcus and me.... ;o) Becky