Tuesday, March 18, 2014

signs of spring

first dandelion in the yard
playing outside lots
rainbows almost every day
first daffodil (we have tons now)
crocuses and other first-bloomers

And...I spent no less than 4 hours outside in the garden on Saturday!  I was in heaven!  I had all sorts of little helpers, of course, and we had a great time.  We transplanted only a small portion of my overgrown strawberry bed...but it was probably 100+ starts that were moved, so it was a lot of work!  Bunny was my biggest helper but Mariposa and Gemma were there, too.  Oh, and Seddy who would pick up worms and say "ssssss."  Then Gemma planted my snap peas for me, and we both worked on dividing and transplanting some overgrown fall aster, black-eyed susans, and shasta daisies.  And I can't forget the lily of the valley that a church-friend dug up for me from his garden!!  I gave them the perfect spot and I am looking forward to their beautiful blooms, hopefully this spring.  A very productive day in the garden.


  1. Sedi MUST be mistaking the worm for a snake!!! But hey! He`s learn'in.....

  2. Can't wait for spring here! We still have melting snow.