Thursday, March 6, 2014

More birthday season--James and Gemma's party

Going through "old" photos (January) to make sure I'm documenting everything!  ~~The kids love going through old posts from a few years in a few years, I'll be glad I included these pictures, even if they are very late!

James and Gemma's birthdays are just 4 days apart, so they've been sharing a party each year.  This year we decided on an "under the sea" theme, since Gemma said she likes dolphins, and James was OK with the theme because it's not too girly.  :o)  He is so agreeable!  So we made a plan and got to work:  

The cousins helped with party decorations.
Kid's dessert--fish cupcakes
"Happy Birthday to You!!"
the adult dessert--ding dong cupcakes
crazy present-opening session
Afterwards we sat around and listed to Brian read Amazon
reviews for the three-wolf t-shirt.  So funny!!!

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