Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Foggy Treasure Hunt

Every year for Bunny's birthday party I like to put together a treasure hunt for the kids.  It's fun sticking to the theme of the party, and making up a story for the hunt.  This year Bunny once again wanted a Chicken theme (surprise surprise) and the process of thinking of treasure hunt ideas started.

I went with the story of a chicken, my favorite chicken of course (Foggy!). I knew that Bunny would get a kick out of the fact that I choose MY favorite chicken for the story.  Foggy was thinking, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" (which was also a play on one of Bunny's favorite books) and the treasure hunt lead the kids across the property as Foggy tried out different vocations:

After receiving the first clue in the back yard, the kids were
off to the filbert orchard (Foggy wanted to try her hand in
the nut business).
They searched thru the trees and found the next clue: tending
to the orchard was too dirty for our little princess so she would
try circus acts next (trapeze=playground).
After getting the next clue at the playground,
the kids were off to Foggy's next try: caring
for sheep (she thought they would be nice and
cute and cuddly like in the storybooks).
Here are the kids trekking to the neighbor's sheep pen.
Foggy decided that REAL sheep are messy and stinky, and
a lot of work, so she wanted to try a job where she could sit
(perch) all day…how about being a cowgirl?
The clue was on Cisco's halter. :o)
Nope, that job was no good for Foggy.  Too messy and dirty
again.  Plus she was hungry.  So what about tending to the
apple orchard?  Off the kids go again….
PS do you like how I made the clues alternate on different parts of the property??  ;o)  A good way to tire out some very active kids, for sure.

At the apple orchard, they received the final clue that basically
said that Foggy would just do what she does best:
rule the roost!
So back to the chicken pen...

Jackpot!  Finally found the treasure!
Bunny handed out the treasure (party favors).
$5 gift certificates to one of Bunny's favorite stores:
Artfull Garden/Candy Basket!  (the chocolates there are so
delicious, and they have an amazingly colorful candy wall)

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