Thursday, October 30, 2014

Saints of the Day: Religious Ed teachers!

Still no baby yet!  I thought for sure it would be last night, as I had a lot of contractions and the baby felt really low.  But since we're planning a home birth, there was no need for me to get up and "get ready to go" so I just stayed in bed, and I think that might've made the contractions diminish.  It's all OK, I don't mind holding on a few more days at least!  And with a possible Nov. 1st due date (ultrasound's date) maybe I'm not really overdue after all.

Mom and dad have been FANTASTIC here and we are having a lot of fun getting projects done and hanging out.  They have taken over the kitchen for breakfast and lunch, allowing me to sleep in (ahhh, heaven!) and move slowly.  God has a plan for the timing of this baby, and so far I love it!!!

Grandma took the kids to RE for me last night (and also ran errands!).  Here's a little tribute to our RE teachers:

A big shout-out to these saints on earth--our St. Matthew Religious Ed teachers!!

Since we cover religion in our homeschool, you might think there isn't a need to attend the group classes at St. Matts on Wednesday nights.  After all, these classes are geared towards public-schooled kids who get no religious studies at school…and most of whom probably don't get much at home, either.

BUT my kids get SO MUCH out of these classes, that we make it a priority every year!  They love the social aspect--feeling part of a community is important.  It's fun for them, too, to sit in a real classroom with a group of other kids (such a novelty).  :o)  But most of all, the RE at St. Matthew touches their hearts in a way that my catechism studies just don't quite cover.

HATS OFF to this year's great batch of teachers:


  1. Anxiously awaiting news of the baby. You could hold on until Nov. 2 - Brian's birthday. Praying for a safe delivery and for a great learning experience for the kids in RE.

  2. Praying for you Becky! Would love to see a profile picture... asking too much? So glad your parents are here and spoiling you a little bit, that you can enjoy the time with them.

    1. I got one (a pic) and I'll post it soon!! (internet was down for the day, it was like living in the stone age!!). ;o)

  3. Catching up on blog reading...Nov 1? That sounds like a perfectly wonderful feast day to be born on. My godson celebrates a birthday on Nov. 1.

    I came home last night from CCD (RE) and was exhausted. My kids were less than stellar. The first time all year. I know it was from the upcoming excitement of trick or treating, but they really sucked the life out of me. I haven't had such a rambunctious group since I taught years ago, before children. Next week should be better. :)

  4. Yes, Nov. 1st would be (will be???) nice. :o) Hopefully not much after that, at least! Mom and dad leave on the 7th. :o(

    Keep on keepin' on with your RE class. :o) You are doing an amazing service for those kids. I've had adults come back and tell me they have fond memories of the classes I've taught, and no doubt you've had the same feedback. If you've changed just ONE life for they year (and you may never know), then it's all worth it. :o)