Monday, October 13, 2014

Tea House landscaping

 The Tea House area is finally finished!  As I mentioned, we wanted to wait for cooler fall weather before planting.  After getting all our plant (more than half-off!) at the plant sale, dad and I went to work.  Marcus even joined in.  I am so happy with the finished product and I know it will even get better as we add garden art and as the plants grow and fill it.

grandpa taking a little break with the girls
hard at work planting

"finished!"  (well, I still needed to take all the labels off the
plants but I wanted to write down the names first)
I love this area so much more than the plain lawn that
used to be down there.
And keeping up with the Birthday Season theme, here are a few bonus pics:

Emmett's birthday party
Grammae's birthday party at Sayler's Country Kitchen
(Seds wants to have a go at the 72 oz steak--it's free if you
can eat the whole thing including sides)

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