Friday, October 17, 2014

new friends :o)

**If you're popping by for a visit via Jessica's Shower of Roses blog, welcome!  You'll find that my blog is a personal scrapbook of our goings-on here as a family of 7 (almost 8!) in the Pacific Northwest.  My posts are designed mostly for sharing photos with family, and for keeping a journal of our lives that we can look back on.  Thanks for visiting! **

I was so happy to host my "new" friend Jessica and her girls for the Conference weekend!

Jessica's blog is just the ~awesomest~ spot for Catholic moms to get inspired to bring faith into the home.  I had been following her Shower of Roses blog for years, and when I realized that she sometimes visits Portland, I offered up our lodging for whenever she may need it.  Believe me, I know how hard it can be to travel and find affordable lodging for a large family!  (Jessica and her husband Sean have 7 kids.)

Jessica had a multi-state tour planned with her 3 girls (ambitious!) that involved seeing family and friends, and it just so happened that her trip would take her through Portland the weekend of the Catholic Women Rejoice! conference.  When she asked if my offer of lodging still stood, I said YES!  I was so happy to finally meet her in person.

They came in on Friday night and had dinner with our crazy family, and then early the next morning we drove in for the conference.  I dropped Jessica and the girls off at another friend's house (Ursula and Dave), so the girls could play with their children for the day and Ursula and Jessica could catch up on their drive to the conference.  We met up at the conference and then also went to dinner before driving home around 8/9pm.

I was so happy when, on Sunday, we all went to St. Matthew for Mass then home for brunch and play!  It was nice to chat while the kids played together.  Jessica and I have a lot in common, and also she has amazing stories about her fun and very interesting life…I could've listened for hours.  :o)  They left for home in the early afternoon and I'm sure they were glad to FINALLY be home after almost 2 weeks.  (!)  We had a great time with our new friends and hope they can visit again soon…maybe next time, the whole family will come!

checking on Lammykins and the other sheep

UPDATE!  Check out Jessica's blog post about the conference HERE…. (I'm so jealous of her photography skills!  LOVE the pics, especially the one with Fr. Juan!)


  1. Thank you again for your incredible hospitality! We had such a wonderful time at your home and I enjoyed our visit so much!

  2. AWe! That's just great! I'm happy for the two of you and what a generous person you are as well.

    1. You're welcome to come for a visit anytime, too, Patty! We may not have a lot of Catholic History here in Oregon (like your own wonderful state), but God's creation is beautiful up here, and there's lots to see and do. We have plenty of room for your whole family! Maybe a road trip is in order….?? (That would be awesome!) :o) Becky

  3. Becky...I linked over from Shower of Roses, I too have enjoyed Jessica 's Blog for many years. I am commenting to wish you blessings on your sweet baby, I am due with #5 All Saints Day! God bless you from Alaska!!