Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!!

On Sunday October 12th I turned 38 years old!!

The day before, Marcus and grammae threw me a party.  Marcus and I were both so grateful that grammae offered not only to host dessert (which we were planning to do), but also make a delicious dinner too!!!  She knew that we weren't really up to cleaning/cooking/hosting for 19, considering that it could've been a party of 20 at any time….  ;o)

It was a lovely evening with delicious soup and salad (my dinner of choice) and Marcus' famous Bourbon Blonde Brownies for dessert.  Oh, and presents!

Sophs made me the sweetest card, and even wore my new
FAVORITE t-shirt of hers…it has a hedgehog on it!!
It was a Very Hot Cocoa birthday.  :o)  I got cocoa, a Starbux
gift card, and an isi whipper for my hot cocoa addiction.
Also a very special piece of bronze artwork from Fr. Juan that
is currently on display in the school room (out of the reach
of sticky little fingers).
Uncle Shane likes to grab our cameras when we're not looking.
Then on Sunday, my actual birthday, I had a very lovely day starting with Mass and then continuing with the whole day at home.  It was great!  Marcus decorated for my special day, and he left (with the youngest kids!) to get Panda Express for my yummy dinner.  It was a feast.  Then…more Bourbon Blonde Brownies for dessert!

Bunny did a beautiful job wrapping my present
(a new bread machine, woo hoo!).
Thank you to all my friends and family who made my 38th birthday very special!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday to you!!!! Wishing you abundant blessings this year...and you may already be there as I type???!!!

    What a fantastic birthday celebration...I love that stove top Grammae has in her kitchen. Holy cats!

  2. Thanks Patty! :o) and no, no baby yet (due date was yesterday….)

    Yes my MIL has a beautiful home, and we're happy to be welcomed there any time. :o) The are actually building a home for retirement right now, and it's just as lovely. The family celebrations at grammae and papa's will continue for a long time!

  3. Happy Birthday, Becky! So glad your family made sure you had a super special day!