Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bunny's (actual) 12th Birthday

It's nice to have the big, all-family birthday parties on a day OTHER than the kid's actual birthday, so the actual birthday can be spent in a more intimate way.  This year, Bunny's party was on a Saturday and her birthday was on Sunday.  

After Mass we took a trip to New Seasons to get the
~premium~ doughnuts.  ;o)
The Dad's BBQ (church fundraiser) was the
same day, so we partook in some games.
Here are the kids at the Cake Walk.
Bunny won!!
More games: fishing pond.
Bunny spent all afternoon playing with
her new Playmobil horse sets.

Oooh, she chose a good birthday dinner!
Steak, beans, and pesto pasta, yum!
…and yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  :o)
She opened all her gifts from us:  2 ND
football jerseys, a golden Snitch pendant,
and some Land's End clothes.

Birthdays are such happy times in our home.  Good thing we have seven (almost 8!) people in our family!  We are never without a birthday around the corner….  A good benefit of being open to life, for sure.  ;o)

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