Friday, October 10, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa's Fall Visit

And the VERY SAME week as all this birthday madness, grandma and grandpa flew in for a weekend visit!  (They had driven to Colorado to see Erica/Joe etc., and flew out here from Denver.)

A stop at New Seasons for lunch before heading home.
ANOTHER BIRTHDAY!!!  Madness!  We love it!!
Grandpa's birthday was just the day before, so we celebrated
when they came it.  Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting--
his grandmother's recipe to boot.
The next day (Friday) was filled with outdoor assessments and plant shopping, which was the main reason for the visit to begin with.  A local wholesale nursery was having a sale to the public (they do this a few times a year) and I wanted to take advantage of the deals to score some plants for our new tea house area.  After dad and I shopped and planted all day, and grandma did school with the kids, we celebrated a full day by going out to eat at the Cruise-In Country Diner:
sorry for the glare off the road sign :o(
 It was such a beautiful night, just perfect for a high school football game:

Hawaiian Nite for the Hilhi Spartans.

Our family friend Conner is the kicker.

Hilhi won over their in-town rival, Glencoe, although I must admit we did not stay until the end.  We had fun the first half, sitting in the stands and taking breaks down near the field with the littles.  We brought some footballs to toss around for restless kids.  On the way home we were able to listen to the game on the radio, and I think the whole night was just a fantastic package of memories for both the kids and adults.  :o)

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