Saturday, October 11, 2014

weekend on the farm, with grandma and grandpa

On the Saturday that my parents were here, we first took grandma to the Hillsboro Market:

A stop by Unger's to see our good friend Tess
Let's Play toy store!
Grandma promised everyone a doughnut.
 Back at home, grandpa and dad/Marcus were at work around the property.  The kids and I joined in.  Grandpa wanted to teach them about flower care, and in particular the needs of "water" and "deadheading."  :o)  Oh, my dad would've been proud of me if he saw the garden in JULY and not in SEPTEMBER….  ;o)  As I mentioned before, we've kinda let the garden go since August.  But there were still enough flowers for the flower stand.

When her young charges were napping, grandma took that opportunity as well:

look who was sleeping in the crook of her legs….
Later in the weekend, grandpa helped the kids put together the flower stand:

(see the newly-painted shed in the background?
Marcus and my dad did the landscaping around it.)
A minor distraction: garden snake
The stand is all set up.
Seddy likes to play in the orchard.


  1. Great pictures! Dad told me the story about there "marketing" lesson, love it haha

  2. I hope the kids make lots of money this year! I like this sort of home school, it's economics :-)