Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My little felon, er, "artist"

No baby yet.  Four days overdue, but we've been using the "early" due date so I'm not feeling anxious.  Just had an appointment with my AWESOME midwife and she said all the right things.  That we have a plan, that they do start monitoring at 1.5 weeks overdue, that the baby doesn't seem THAT big.  :o)  So all is well, and I've just been enjoying my "extra" time to do projects and enjoy my parents being here.

So…here's what's been happening around our house:

James' latest artistic obsession is counterfeiting:

which one is the REAL $100 bill?

 a lot of detail goes into his work

This $50 bill is my favorite.
You can tell he's very proud of his work.

DISCLAIMER: He only does this as part of his artistic expression; he does NOT intend to, or believe that he can, use these pieces as real money.  He just thinks that this topic is very interesting and he is exploring techniques that real currency designers employ.  The greatest artists learned by first copying and then creating, so we are encouraging any copy work that helps him with his skills.  :o)

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