Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bunny's 12th Birthday (party)

Here are some more pics from Bunny's birthday party last month:
Every year, same menu:  "dini" (spaghetti) with meatballs!
Marcus set up a tailgater, and the adults spent most of their
time outside watching football games.
The kids like football, too--they like PLAYING football!
I was SO GRATEFUL to have Hannah's sister
Alyssa here all evening to watch Sedric!
He got to have fun with the kids, and I got to
hang out with the adults.
more football
We had poor Bunny blow out her candles in front of the TV
so as not to interrupt any football viewing by going inside.
Ice Cream Cake for dessert (yum!) and more football.
After the games on TV, Bunny did get all of us to play one
of her favorite games, "Left Center Right."
even the adults joined in
Lukie won!  A box of Candy Basket chocolates.
Everyone wanted to be his friend.
And finally, opening gifts at the end of the evening.

We always have such fun time celebrating family birthdays.  :o)  Happy Birthday to my sweet little Bernadette!!!  :o)


  1. your sweet little baby Bernadette, 12 years old! time flies!

    ps I love the tv outside and the sails! we're thinkinga bout getting sails, do you like them? I assume the TV came in that night....though Carter would LOVE a permanent outdoor TV....

    1. Why yes, we do love our "sails!" ha ha ha, no really they are just tarps that Marcus put up for the day. :o) It was REALLY hot that day, like 90s (don't laugh, Patty in TX) The tarps were perfect, and most importantly, CHEAP!! But really, I would consider getting sails. I've seen them and I like the look and functionality. You go get them first and then tell me all about them.