Thursday, October 16, 2014

Catholic Women Rejoice!

Late September brought the annual Catholic Women Rejoice! conference.  Now, I normally wouldn't go through the trouble of going to a conference, no matter how much I would want to.  There's so much to do around the house, and this year I'm so pregnant, etc.  But my good friends Sterling and Lisa were once again heading up this big endeavor, so I wanted to join in on the fun!!!

I woke up early on Saturday and picked up two more good friends Stacy and Deidre, and we carpooled into Vancouver.  We helped with registration before hearing opening remarks and then going to Mass:

The priest who said Mass was AWESOME!!
;o)  Everyone loved his homily…all 5 bullet
points of it….
The wonder duo Sterling and Lisa
Nationally-recognized Catholic speakers Danielle Bean,
Teresa Tomeo, and Lisa Hendey (with Sterling)
Mrs. N came for the day as well!
A great dinner afterwards with the speakers…a special
exclusive treat us VIPs.   ;o)
This was an amazing day for me since like I said above, this is not something I would normally do for myself.  Also, I have only small windows of opportunity when I am not nursing (last year I only attended for 3 hours, mostly to help with registration, because I was nursing Seds).  The speakers were inspiring (homilist included) and it was so much fun to hang out with my close friends and see fellow Holy Rosary and St. Matthew ladies as well.  And I even made a new friend!!  (more about that in my next post….)

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  1. Happy for you to have such a spirit filled conference. Good for the soul!!!! I saw Teresa Tomeo at a local parish who hosts the most incredible speakers throughout the year. Apparently, there's a family that set up a trust with their family money that ensures these amazing speakers are brought to our area.